my absolute favorite cauliflower recipe

In my last post, I shared a “not mac & cheese” recipe; well, here’s another one and it’s my ABSOLUTE favorite. Peace + Love + Low Carb was one of the first LCHF websites I started getting recipes from – she has some great stuff on there!

In a good month (time-wise) I will make this at least two (something three) times and, since hubby is out of town, I get to eat it ALL! A 9X13 pan of it will last me at least a week, and that’s eating it more than once a day. I’m including the link to the original recipe and noting my changes below.

I will say, this isn’t hard to make, but it can be a bit time-intensive the first few times. That’s mainly because dicing & crisping prosciutto and caramelizing onions take a while.


Caramelized Onion and Prosciutto Mac and Cheese

SERIOUSLY. I can't even tell you how amazing this dish is.

SERIOUSLY. I can’t even tell you how amazing this dish is.

The changes I make:
+ I use a regular 13×9 dish instead of a deep 8×8, mostly because that’s what I have in my kitchen
+ Since Safeway carries goat cheese in 4oz blocks, I use the whole thing
+ I get prosciutto at the deli counter, usually buy 8oz, and cook it all. Then I use what looks like a good amount to top the dish and stick the rest in the fridge to add to other stuff (like the bacon dip in yesterday’s post)
+ I don’t bother adding the extra cheese on top after the prosciutto
+ I’ve tried out different types of cheese where it calls for cheddar — sharp, extra sharp, mac & cheese blend, and maybe some others — test out your favorites and see which you like the best
Reheating is easy too – around 12-15 min at 350, or at work I’ve done 1:30 on power level 7 in the office microwave (often along with my leftover rotisserie chicken)


six hours of cooking

I’ve recently gotten back on the low-carb/high-fat wagon. To make life easier for me during the work week, I like to prep side dishes ahead of time on the weekend. This makes it great on the nights when I get home from work and don’t feel like cooking. I pickup a rotisserie chicken from Safeway and that will last at least three or four meals.

This past Sunday, I spent a solid 6 hours prepping and cooking stuff for this week. It totally wore me out, but I’ve definitely got some good food ready to go. Most of the dishes were new recipes for me, and some may not be repeated (at least not without some tweaks made to them). The four that I liked the best are in this first post; but first, this is a picture of my partially done mise en place. My husband and I have watched a LOT of Alton Brown, and prepping everything ahead of time definitely makes things much easier when actually cooking!

mise en place

Without further ado, here are some of the recipes I made this weekend, I’ll add the others in another post. (please forgive the not-great pics!)

Bacon, Cheddar, Jalepeño Dip
Changes: I left out the cilantro (tastes like soap!) and the cumin, didn’t add the extra cheese right before baking, and used leftover crisped prosciutto instead of bacon bits. Also, I caramelized the onions (not just lightly cooked), removed them, and then cooked the jalapeños and garlic (in more butter).

This is before it went into the oven

This is before it went into the oven

Microwave Almond Crackers
I am SO hooked on these. They are super easy to make, and don’t take very long at all. I use the carton of egg whites and measure 1/4c for this recipe. They aren’t my favorite on their own, but they are AMAZING with pretty much _anything_ on them 🙂

Microwave Almond Crackers

Crunchy and addictive!

Not Mac & Cheese
For this one, I didn’t really alter too much, but I did swap out sharp cheddar and a shredded mozzarella/provolone mix for the smoked cheeses. That’s just b/c I don’t like smoked cheese. Oh, and again I didn’t use the extra cheese on top. It’s absolutely cheesy enough without it.

Right after coming out of the oven; all cheesy and bubbly!

Right after coming out of the oven; all cheesy and bubbly!

Cream Cheese Pancakes
I did some tweaking to this one based on some of the comments. I don’t like eggs, and I’m always worried that this style of recipe is going to taste like eggs. I added a tsp of coconut flour, skipped the sweetener, and reduced the egg to cream cheese ratio from 2:1 to 1:1. Make sure your cream cheese is soft; I found it difficult to get such a small amount of liquid to blend in my big blender. Next time I may try a stick blender. They started to fall apart when I tried to flip them, but the pieces still tasted pretty good!

They fell apart, but still tasted good!

They fell apart, but still tasted good!