my absolute favorite cauliflower recipe

In my last post, I shared a “not mac & cheese” recipe; well, here’s another one and it’s my ABSOLUTE favorite. Peace + Love + Low Carb was one of the first LCHF websites I started getting recipes from – she has some great stuff on there!

In a good month (time-wise) I will make this at least two (something three) times and, since hubby is out of town, I get to eat it ALL! A 9X13 pan of it will last me at least a week, and that’s eating it more than once a day. I’m including the link to the original recipe and noting my changes below.

I will say, this isn’t hard to make, but it can be a bit time-intensive the first few times. That’s mainly because dicing & crisping prosciutto and caramelizing onions take a while.


Caramelized Onion and Prosciutto Mac and Cheese

SERIOUSLY. I can't even tell you how amazing this dish is.

SERIOUSLY. I can’t even tell you how amazing this dish is.

The changes I make:
+ I use a regular 13×9 dish instead of a deep 8×8, mostly because that’s what I have in my kitchen
+ Since Safeway carries goat cheese in 4oz blocks, I use the whole thing
+ I get prosciutto at the deli counter, usually buy 8oz, and cook it all. Then I use what looks like a good amount to top the dish and stick the rest in the fridge to add to other stuff (like the bacon dip in yesterday’s post)
+ I don’t bother adding the extra cheese on top after the prosciutto
+ I’ve tried out different types of cheese where it calls for cheddar — sharp, extra sharp, mac & cheese blend, and maybe some others — test out your favorites and see which you like the best
Reheating is easy too – around 12-15 min at 350, or at work I’ve done 1:30 on power level 7 in the office microwave (often along with my leftover rotisserie chicken)


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